MY Service

Service has a very high priority for me.  Everything can– nothing must.
It gives me great pleasure to be there for my bridal couples and to build up a corresponding relationship of trust with my performance.
You are entrusting me with the important task to plan your wedding – and I want to prove myself worthy of this trust.

My focus is on the complete planning of weddings. Why is this the case?

On the one hand, my kind of planning offers the greatest relief for the bridal couple and, on the other hand, the implementation of the planning works best this way and runs smoothly without incidents.
Especially abroad, the clocks often run differently, and it therefore makes perfect sense for one person to hold the reins.
I offer you a transparent and comprehensive concept of inclusive services.

Nothing is impossible – absolutely nothing!

First Steps

We, together, decide on the duration and timing of your wedding celebrations.

I will find the perfect location for you. Registry office, church or free wedding ceremony – you decide and we dedicate ourselves to the first part of the stationery  – YOUR wedding invitation

Let´s get Started

Everything can– nothing must.
Would you like a wedding motto? Which style and which colours get your “wow” effect?
Creative decoration and floristry provide the perfect setting for your celebration. An endless portfolio of service providers is available to fulfil your every wish.

Personal Style Advice

Which style suits your personality? What fits in with the style of the wedding?

Proven service providers for hair, make-up and styling and great service providers for your wedding rings and wedding jewellery.

Bachelorette party

Your ME TIME with your friends

An important number for many couples.

Some want to experience it as a couple, but for most it is the opportunity to spend a real whopping ME TIME with their “lads or gals” before they finally tie the knot.

Personal Wedding Day Service

My team and I are always there – “in attendance” – on the wedding day. We coordinate the service providers and ensure that everything runs smoothly. 
FAIR WEDDINGS takes care of everything – you enjoy YOUR wedding day!


The right location for you

Finding the right location is a wonderful and exciting process to which I pay a lot of attention and empathy.

After all, this is the place where you want to say yes, celebrate, and enjoy.

And your day should be unforgettable. We will find this magical place together.

Whether it should be a castle, a winery, a finca or a hut, whether you love the sea, the lakes, or the mountains. All over Europe dream locations are waiting to be discovered by you.

Let me be part of your ideas and dreams.

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