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If you love what you do, you will succeed in creating works of art!

Ever since I could walk, I’ve been curious, never shy of socialising, and I loved to travel. Even today, travelling is still very important to me. There are so many incredibly beautiful and interesting places in the world and every culture is fascinating in its uniqueness.

Because I also plan weddings and other events beyond Germany’s borders, each of my trips is also location scouting at the same time. I just can’t help it. No matter where I am, I see behind every new place a potential opportunity to capture ideas and to discover new locations. I love to walk and I love nature. So no matter where I am, I draw fabulous inspiration from my walks.

Animal welfare is a matter close to my heart. I have adopted four cats from animal welfare shelters all over Europe. I am actually constantly rescuing and caring for animals. In my garden there is always someone who is injured, who needs to be fed or cared for. Squirrels, hedgehogs, birds, street cats, I like all animals and it’s a joyful feeling to be able to help!

Last but not least, tennis is my passion. I only started playing and taking lessons 7 years ago. But that doesn’t dampen my passion for tennis and can be easily combined with my urge for travelling. Anywhere in the world, I can find a nice hotel with a tennis court, where I can play as I please.

I am glad if you have been able to get to know me a little better now – but, in my opinion, the best way is always the direct way. Call me, let’s meet, or, depending on the situation, we can even Skype. I look forward to meeting you too!

All my love Bea

Great wedding planning

shouldn´t be so hard – 
with Fair Weddings it

A life without passion is like wine spritzer – nothing half and nothing whole.

I love what I do, so it rarely feels like work to me. 

Every wedding that I accept gives me great pleasure and I plan it with the same passion, the same motivation and the same commitment as if it were my own. Guaranteed!


My vision is to encourage my bridal couples to embrace personalised weddings. Trends are a beautiful thing and certainly sometimes a lovely inspiration, but I increasingly observe how individuality is lost, as a result. When everyone follows only one style, it’s boring on the one hand and such a pity on the other. There are countless colours, decoration styles and implementation options. I am proud to introduce to you my decoration and florist team and pleased to present our ideas and possibilities.


One cannot plan everything in life. I have no influence on whether the sun will shine or whether it will rain on your wedding day from a planning point of view.

However, my really long experience in the event sector (before founding Fair Weddings, I planned and produced corporate events for many years) has taught me that conscientious planning and concentration on the detail have a decisive and positive effect on the course of an event. I call that “healthy perfectionism”.

I simply have high demands on my work performance and I always attach particular importance to the aesthetic aspect of the things I plan and implement.

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