A few kind words from my bridal couples and cooperation partners:

It always touches me very much when I receive such positive feedback from people with whom I have spent so much time and with whom I could share the excitement. It is the greatest gift I as a service provider can receive when my work and efforts are so appreciated by my bridal couples and colleagues. This is my incentive to become even better every time and to satisfy my customers completely!

Greta und Sascha

Dear Bea,

Thanks to you we enjoyed the celebration of our dreams. You considered nothing as too much trouble, nothing was too complicated.

We could always reach you and each and every time we felt that we could rely on you.

My mum still talks about you today and says that she is very happy that you advised us so well on everything.

You are always welcome to visit us!

Greta and Sascha

Milli & David

Dear Bea,

David and I would like to tell you how much we enjoyed planning with you. How super nice were the many afternoons we sat together and discussed.

And our celebration was the most beautiful ever.

All guests were happy and we were as relaxed as we never thought possible.

All along, we knew you were there. Thank you for an unforgettable wedding!

Milli & David

Angi & Bernd

Dear Bea,

Had it no be for you, we would have been despondent. Up until 3 months before our wedding, we still had no idea how we were going to manage it all.

Then you took over the controls and everything went like clockwork.


Angi & Bernd

Andrea & Detlef

Dear Bea,

Dear WBWP (World Best Wedding Planner),

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

The fact that the wedding celebration was so beautiful is largely due to your hard work and your delicate accompaniment.

…It was a truly enchanting celebration… Andrea & Detlef

Harry und Sabine

Dear Bea,

Thank you for everything. Our wedding exceeded all our dreams.
You are the complete Wedding Pro.

Harry and Sabine

Patrick Barl
Patrick Barl Films

Dear Bea,

The commitment and passion you show at every wedding is incredible!

As a service provider, I feel totally appreciated and I look forward to working with you every time and making our customers 10000% happy. They feel very well understood and taken care of with you.
Keep up the good work and here’s to many more weddings together with Fairweddings!

Regards Patrick (PatrickBarlFilms.com)

Volker & Sabine

Bea is super professional and incredibly congenial. From the first contact we felt super comfortable and the conversation with her gave us the certainty that she should accompany us on our big day. Well structured, pragmatic, direct and always on the side of the bride and groom in negotiations with any service provider. We would always recommend Fair Weddings. Thank you for accompanying us.

Volker & Sabine

Robert und Milena

Dear Bea,

Thank you for everything!

We are so happy that we chose you. As you know, our thoughts raced from pillar to post for a long time until we decided to hire a planner.

You were the best choice we could have taken! You didn’t promise us too much. You carried out all our wishes to perfection. All of our guests were thrilled. We were totally relaxed and able to enjoy the planning and, above all, the wedding.

Every bride and groom can only wish for a wedding planner like you.

All the best Robert and Milena

Anna Kalteis
Peppi Kalteis Catering GmbH

To me, Bea is a wedding planner who knows exactly what she wants and who knows exactly what she is doing. With her huge professional competence, her expertise and her never-ending, wonderful passion, she turns celebrations and events into a very special, great and unforgettable experience. She creates magical moments that you carry in your heart forever.
Bea loves what she does. You can see and sense that in all the details, she is just wonderful, unique and great

Anna Kalteis, Peppi Kalteis Catering GmbH

Niko & Marge

Dear Fair Weddings team,

you are really stunning. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the time with you.

You made everything we wished for possible.

Special thanks to our Bea – you still fill a special place in our hearts.

What you have done for us as a bride and groom is much more than can be expected from a wedding planner.

We are infinitely grateful to you for our dream wedding in Salzburg.

Niko & Marge

Dieter & Manuela

Dear Bea,

We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your loving ideas, with which you made our wedding celebration such an unforgettable event.
We were overwhelmed by your sensitivity and your willingness to give your input in all spheres during the planning time. We only wish you the best.

Dieter & Manuela

Paul & René

Dear Bea,

Many, many thanks to you for everything!
We were able to enjoy our festival of love to the fullest thanks to you.
I often say to Paul: “Honestly, she organised our wedding as if it were her own”. It’s unbelievable how much love you have devoted to every detail. The flowers were just a dream.
We can only wish every bridal couple to have a planner like you.

All the best

Paul & René

Ute & Stefan

We are so grateful to have experienced you by our side. At first, we were unsure whether you also organise small weddings, but that was out of the question for you.

Thanks to you, we found the perfect location for our wedding. We knew we were in good hands with you during this Corona time, whether with ideas, implementation or advice. You always had time for us. You are the reason why we could relax and look forward to our big day – we could enjoy it to the fullest.


Sincerely and thanks again Ute and Stefan

Dear Bea,

Ekaterina & Keshav

There really can’t be many people who love weddings more than you do! Your “nothing is impossible” attitude and your attention to detail and perfection are remarkable. You met every challenge, including accommodating our multicultural wedding celebration, as well as all the uncertainties during the ongoing pandemic. 

Because you were there for us, we could relax and just enjoy our magical moments. You created our dream wedding and we couldn’t have asked for a better wedding planner! We were so lucky to have found you.

In love,

Ekaterina & Keshav

Monika & Florian

Hello dear Bea!

We want to thank you very much for your tireless and great commitment in the planning and implementation of our wedding.
You were always there for us, to answer all questions and to solve problems. Yes, you had immediate solutions ready, immediaely.
For almost impossible requests, you found a way to implement them. The church ceremony was very moving for everyone and the wonderful decoration was admired by those present.

The change of location at such very short notice paid off one hundred percent and the celebration was characterised by a colourful feel-good atmosphere with relaxed, happy, laughing guests. 

Everyone had a great time and had lots of fun.
Decoration, catering, sweet table, wine selection and the service – everything was perfect.

The schedule worked great under your watchful eye.
The friendly relationship and atmosphere during the collaboration also greatly supported and enriched the planning.

Bea, you are an ace!
Very warm greetings 

Monika and Florian 

Michaela und Nicklas

We were able to celebrate our dream wedding thanks to Bea. We would plan our wedding with her again and again.
We could always rely on her and knew Bea would take care of everything. 🙂
We felt very well looked after and advised.
Bea was always available and had an open ear for our wishes and also felt them.
Thank you, dear Bea, for your support. Thanks to you, our wedding was PERFECT.

Michaela & Nicklas

Christa und Martin

BEA, a smart wedding planner!
To organize a wedding with 140 people in Italy, where you only have the walls and solid floor of a villa under your feet, THAT is really a challenge!!!
With a lot of skill and ambition, a “dream in white” came true for us.

Bea, a woman who knows how things work…
A perfectionist who makes clear statements…
A lady who is smart and will not be dissuaded from her path….
One that you can always ask for advice on personal decisions….
Obviously, we have decided on an all-round feelgood package.

Thank you, dear Bea,
feel hugged by us
Christa & Martin

Sabrina und Tuan

Dear Bea, Thank you very much for your sweet gift.
We wanted to say thank you again!
Without you, the wedding would never have been so great!! Thank you for your whole work and patience. It was great fun with you, and it was perfect from start to finish. Even with the poor weather we wouldn’t want to change anything. Thank you for everything!!
And hopefully we’ll see each other again.

Sabrina & Tuan

Manu und Dany

About a year ago we hired Bea to be our wedding planner here in Munich. She is the perfect example of a someone that is professional, effective, flexible, and very very friendly.
She made all our wishes true, and we had the most amazing wedding! But this is not all, Bea really helped us to navigate through difficult times, in which we had to cancel our initial plans, change our entire budget, and restructure our entire wedding from 110 to only 30 guests!
We could have not asked for a better wedding planner. She has the best ideas and contacts, and we were very pleased with all the services she suggested, both in price and quality.
We will be definitely working with Bea in the future, and we highly recommend her services to anyone who is looking for the ideal wedding planner.
We love you, Bea!

Manu & Dany

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