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The Bachelor - Bachelorette Party

An important number for many couples.

Some want to experience it as a couple, but for most it is the opportunity to spend a real whopping ME TIME with their “lads or gals” before they finally tie the knot. Very often the friends get together and organize a day or an evening, or a short getaway trip together. As it is with this type of organisation, it is meant to be lovely, but sometimes has its pitfalls. It is not uncommon for bridal couples to tell me funny and not so funny episodes about their bachelor – bachalorette parties and describe one or the other chaotic situation. However, their unanimous assessment was that a professional organisation would have brought more relaxation and enjoyment for everyone involved.

This was the incentive for the idea that arose to offer the bride and groom my support for this part in addition to the wedding planning.

I am completely open about the ideas in this regard. Either, you as the bride and groom hold the sceptre in your hands and tell me what to plan as bachelor – bachelorette party according to your wishes. 

Alternatively, you can hand over the theme to your friends and they can then book me for the planning, “kinda” as a gift for you. By hook or by crook, this ensures that everything works as desired for everyone involved and that you and your friends can enjoy the bachelor – bachelorette party to the fullest.

I’m really looking forward to the planning!

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